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Legend of Chima Characters

By on December 4, 2012


It all started when the Crocodile Tribe decides to challenge the Lion tribe for the control of the Sacred Pool of Chi which breaks the peaceful balance of Chima.  Now they are divided with each tribe having their own agenda and goal.  Each with near-equal strengths and weaknesses, all the animal tribes in Chima have gone to great lengths to gain power and control.  Here are the current characters from the first release:There are nine animal tribes in Chima and the first release of Legend of Chima sets will include five of these animal tribes.  They will be split between good and evil.

LEGO Legends of Chima Characters

The Lion Tribe



Laval is the ‘Prince Warrior’ and the leader of the Lion Tribe. He still has a lot to learn but puts on a responsible and powerful face for his tribe. He is really just a big kid at heart though. He loves to have fun, pull pranks and is very curious with a desire to press the limits of the rules. This can often cause problems with the Lions being the ones that are rules followers and the enforcers for following the rules. Will he be able to balance his new found leadership with his love for fun? Time will tell.
Laval is featured in sets:

70005 | Laval’s Royal Fighter
70010 | The Lion Chi Temple
70115 | Ultimate Tournament
Amazing Minifigure Ultimate Sticker Collection
Video Game – LEGO Legends of Chima: Laval’s Journey


Longtooth is an elder soldier that’s at least several years older than the rest of the Lion Tribe warriors.He’s been invited to be an Elder for the tribe but he prefers to remain in the front line fighting, even if he can’t really fight a long battle anymore.Longtooth is long in the tooth (see what we did there?), he’s like your old uncle that has unending stories of past glory.
Longtooth Sets:

70005 | Laval’s Royal Fighter
70113 | LEGO Chima CHI Battles


The genius with all the vehicles the Lion Tribe has. He’s like the Speedor savant, always racing in hisLion Attack vehicle.Always relaxed and happy-going, Lennox is a very integral part of the Lion Tribe.Lennox SetsChima Crager Command Ship
Lennox Lion Attack


He’s an excellent soldier, always obedient, executes commands perfectly, but only if you give him a single job to accomplish.Leonidas cannot do more than one thing at a time, that’s what makes him effective, but the inability to multitask drives his team crazy at time.Don’t ask him to sing in the shower! He’ll either end up dirty or quiet!Leonidas SetsChima Crager Command Ship
Crawley Claw Ripper
Chima Chi Waterfall

The Eagle Tribe


Possibly the smartest, yet also the kindest of character in Chima. Eris exudes the brains of a highly strategic leader, unlike most of her companions in the Eagle tribe.While she’s not strong enough to take on a powerful crocodile, she sure has the wits to outsmart them and come out victorious.Eris SetsEris Eagle Interceptor


The proud guardian of the sacred Eagle tribe royal weapon, the Eglaxxor is Equila.His flying skills are unmatched, and when combined with his formidable Eagle jet, his flying skills and dive bombing attacks are always lethal.Equila SetsChima Wakz Pack Tracker
Chima Target Practice


Ewar is like the counterpart of Leonidas of the Lion tribe.Strong, brave, an excellent warrior, but you cannot confuse him. You can instruct him to follow the most complex of plans, and he’ll remember everything and executes them perfectly, but change something in the middle of things, and you’ll get him very confused.


Boom Boom Kapow!Eglor can blast you off a cloud with his mastery of explosives and ballistics! He’s the McGyver of the Eagle tribe!His physics skills are impecabble and combine that with his skills in making projectile weapons that blow up, you can be certain that you want Eglor on your side when a war comes, but make sure you give him a lot of time to prepare.Eglor takes so long to finish one calculation, odds are high that the battle is over before he’s ready to fire a shot!


If you want a decision to be made, don’t go to Ewald.As the leader of the Eagles’ Ruling Council, it’s his responsibility to make sound decisions, but Ewald takes FOREVER to arrive to any conclusion and his quest for perfection means nothing gets resolved when Ewald’s in charge.

The Crocodile Tribe


The undisputed king of the Crocodile Tribe, Crominus is a very smart and logical leader. While his reptilian roots make him dislike the Lion Tribe, it never made him go out and start a conflict with the guardians of the Sacred Pool of Chi out of respect and understanding of peace in Chima.He’s also the father of Cragger.Crominus Sets


Crown prince of the Crocodile Tribe. Cragger was just a typical kid when he was younger, adventurous and competitive and he actually was Laval’s best friend.Everything changed as he grew older and his ego grew faster than his age. He defied the Chima strict rule of underage Chi use and also challenged Laval’s “Lion Pride” mentality and that was the start of Chima’s unfortunate conflict.Cragger ToysChima Wakz Pack Tracker
Chima Target Practice


Crooler is the twin sister of Cragger and her wits are unmatched.Her smart antics always get Cragger into trouble and she’s smart enough to make herself look like the alpha female of the Crocodile tribe. She’s mean, she’s sharp, and most of all, she’s dangerous if you’re not ready to play her game.


Crawley’s the thug of the Crocodile Tribe.A straight-up warrior and he’s the true berserker of a soldier. While unstable and relatively low-intelligence, he’s someone Crominus relies on in the heat of the battle.

The Raven Tribe


Using his superb eyesight, Rawzom is dubbed the Grand Thief Master with his superb stealing skills.Like a pick-pocket in a bad neighborhood, he’s always up to no good and when the opportunity presents itself, you can bet he’l nick stuff from you without you ever noticingCrominus Sets


Razar is the ever self-centered opportunist. Everything he does benefits himself and himself only.You can guarantee that anything he does no matter how well meaning, has underlying motive – self benefit.He’s pretty close to Cragger and has pledged “loyalty” to him, but only for his future benefit, of course.


The Shah of Shamelessness, that’s what Rizzo loves to call himself.He’s a true raven, scavenging everything he can grab his talons on and he’s proud of it!


It may not look it, but Razcal is a raven accountant.Everything he pillages, he makes sure that the checks and balance is done correctly.His obsession with numbers and statistics keep the Raven tribe’s theft count high.

The Wolf Tribe


Worriz is the Wolf Tribe’s front-man. Though not really a leader, he acts like a spokesperson for the tribe during conflicts and negotiations due to his social skills.However, like all the other members of the Wofl tribe, he cannot be trusted with anything and is as viscous of a warrior as anyone. He will backstab anyone for his own gain.


He’s old, he’s frail, but don’t look down on him as he can still pack a wallop! Wakz is no longer relying on brute strength to get what he wants, but instead, his experience and cunning thinking will always get him the results he wants.


Wilhurt is just a plain, savage animal.He has no inclination to think, have hobbies, or do anything “fun”. His goal is just hunting and fighting, that’s it. Wilhurt is extremely dangerous.


The most fearless member of the Wolf tribe. Winzar is all attack, a ravaging canine without fear of pain and consequences.He’s riddled with scars that are most self-inflicted as well.

Among all the characters in Chima, each tribe has a special warrior that has an aura that surrounds them.  Laval, Cragger, Eris, Worriz, and Razar often has this special aura chi that grants them leadership powers.

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    November 11, 2013 at 3:07 pm

    I really really really like the show Legends of Chima, i can explode into LEGO parts. And i really think that they should make a channel for it only.

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